The emerging church as its proponents and critics see it

3 Apr

I was recommended this video.  It’s a panel hosted by some of the editors over at Chrisitanity Today.  The panel members include both critics, participants, and young unassociated listeners of/to the emerging/Emergent church movement.  I encourage you to watch the whole thing and not just parts, as each panelist shares a unique part of their stories at different times.  It is 88 min long, so take the time if you have a strong opinion or listen to a leader who has chosen to take either a pro/against stance on the Emerging conversation:

A few questions I ask about this:

Where are the women/non white males?

What is the difference between philosophical postmodernism and cultural postmodernism?

What if the panel started with each member sharing the gospel?

What is the frustration really about? It seems to me that it all boils down to someone being personally disaffected in some way with other Christians in the past.

This quote was read towards the end, and I also had read the article and thought it was an awesome response (Mark Galli, CT, “On the Lasting Evangelical Survival”)

What I will do, to my dying day, is work with anyone who knows he was lost but now is found, whose Bible is worn because she repeatedly looks there for God to speak, who finds the Cross the most meaningful of symbols, for whom the Resurrection is not just a doctrine but a power, and who wants nothing more than to find new and creative ways to share the evangel of Jesus in word and deed. I’ll work with these people no matter what scholars decide to call them.


May the Lord’s will be done,


3 Responses to “The emerging church as its proponents and critics see it”

  1. Andy Rowell April 3, 2009 at 1:52 pm #

    Thanks Chris. I listened to it today.


  2. Laura April 3, 2009 at 7:18 pm #

    Thanks for the link. I just finished listening to it.

    I especially like Tony’s quote of Galli. I posted a bit on Galli’s article a couple of weeks ago, finding his statement, “we are not in the evangelical preservation society” to be quite helpful. Much of the discussion in the middle of the bell curve revolves around the preservation of our particular take on Christianity rather than on key issues. Compliance to Scot’s point about correctly understanding the position of our discussion partners from their own perspective before we critique them would go a long way to casting more light than the heat that is now too often cast.

  3. Erin April 8, 2009 at 4:39 am #

    Our family has been damaged by the emergent
    movement. You are so right about it “all boils down to someone being personally disaffected in some way with other Christians in the past.”
    Many of the “emergents” : Tony Jones, Chris Seay,
    Chuck Smith Jr. etc. had loving childhoods and were just
    plain old weak when they got to college. Chuck Smith Jr.
    even wrote in the LA Times, that he “had to be in church”
    when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan Show. BOOHOO!
    I was avoiding a mean, angry father at the time.
    Tony Jones is a bitter, angry, petty man. He likes to
    criticize others arrogantly, and then feels offened if he
    is questioned. The sad thing is that the emergents are
    dangerous, because they are trying to drag down others
    with their own lack of faith. Their talk of poverty is just
    talk. Next time you shake an emergent man’s hand….
    notice the lack of callouses or muscle.

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