Giving Highlight: Emmaus Ministries

26 Jan

It is a pleasure to give to ministries that are unique and valuable work in the Kingdom of God.  This time I want to point your attention to Emmaus Ministries.  While there are several valuable ministries out there with a similar name, I hope you can celebrate the hope and redemption found living at this one.


In their own words(

Our Mission

To make Jesus known on the streets among men involved in sexual exploitation.

Our Purpose

To provide hope in Christ for men involved in sexual exploitation by developing ministries of evangelization, transformation, and education.

  • Evangelization: Following Christ’s example by modeling His character and compassion on the streets.
  • Transformation: Providing assistance and support during transition away from street life.
  • Education: Building an awareness of the needs of men involved in prostitution and equipping the Body of Christ to respond.

I visited this ministry with as a part of a group of senior Christian Ed. majors from Taylor University about a year ago.  We participated in an “Immersion Night” where we spent time in gay bars, clubs, and on the streets getting to know people.  I can truly say that that night has changed the way I approach homosexuality and how I talk about gay people or use the term gay.

Emmaus loves people.  They speak the truth, but also provide very real resources to help people in need.  My time spent there that night retaught me that if we preach against a sin, we must be able to offer hope for the victims of that condition and maybe set aside the questions about how volitional or not it may have been for their lives to come to that place.  The decision that matters is the step towards God and recovery found in Christ’s love.

Also, Emmaus has made it easy and safe to give online using

May the Lord’s will be done,


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